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McKinney summers are brutal, yet bad tint is even worse.  The Texas heat will make the interior of your car seemingly unbearable and decrease the life of your interior.  However, the installation of bad tint will only make the experience worse.  If you want your car to look good, then you only want the best products, that is why North Dallas Dent installs the best tint in the business, 3M tint.  North Dallas Dent is McKinney’s foremost window tint professionals.  We specialize in car 3M tint for the McKinney area. Our goal is to make the tint installation process as easy as possible for customers and hassle free.  3M Tint McKinney.  The process can’t be simpler.  Contact our McKinney team, schedule an appointment, drop the vehicle off, and we’ll tint the windows. (469)656-1360


What is 3M Tint?

For over 50 years, more than any other brand 3M more drivers have installed 3M tint.  Their first patent was issued in 1966 for sun control window film.  Since, 3M has continually remained on the front-line of tint, in design, engineering, and technology.  Presently, 3M offers automotive window tint films within a range of prices and performance.  North Dallas Dent carries a selection unmatched in the business from basic privacy films to cutting-edge ceramic and nanotechnology films. We can help you determine which 3M tint is best suited for your McKinney vehicle and remain within your budget.  Are you focused on privacy, heat blockage, or the reduction in infrared and UV penetration inside your car?  These are just some of the choices you are afforded with 3M tint from North Dallas Dent.

Benefits of Installing McKinney 3M Tint

There are several benefits to having your automobile windows tinted, with the most important being the protection from to 99% ultraviolet rays from the sun.  If you live in McKinney, other benefits are just as important, and we would like to point them out helping you further understand the advantages from having a 3M tint applied to your vehicle:

  1. Window film protects your interior upholstery from fading or cracking, and your dashboard if film is applied to the windshield.
  2. A significant amount of heat can be rejected, reducing strain on your engine from running the air conditioner at a high level.
  3. Helps glare reduction while enhancing your cars appearance.
  4. Darker windows can deter burglars, and also holds shattered glass together in case of an accident.

McKinney 3M Tint

North Dallas Dent uses only the highest quality tint; hence 3M tint is our most trusted product. Our films are manufacturer guaranteed not to bubble, turn purple, peel, delaminate or become defective in any way.  The bottom line is that we make sure all of our customers are extremely happy and you will have the best tint experience ever.  McKinney 3M Tint.  Contact North Dallas Dent today and have your McKinney 3M tint installed by the professional tint installers in McKinney.  (469)656-1360

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