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Have you ever touched a steering wheel of car that has been left out in the hot sun? We all know that if you leave your car out in the sun on a summer day in McKinney that is precisely what will occur. North Dallas Dent is McKinney’s leading window tint professionals. We specialize in car window tinting. Our outstanding goal is to make the process as easy as possible for customers to have their windows professionally tinted without the hassle. Window Tint McKinney. The process is straightforward. Give us a call, schedule an appointment, drop the vehicle off, and we’ll tint the windows. (469)656-1360

Why Should You Tint Your Car’s Window?

We are often asked, “How will I benefit from window tint?” The easiest answer is you live in McKinney, Texas and it gets HOT! That by itself should be enough reason, however, there are actually several other reasons to have your windows tinted:

  • Decreases Heat – Significantly reduces inside temperatures
  • Reduces Health Risk – UV rays exposure prevention
  • Increases Gas Mileage – Cooler temperatures due to reduced heat reduces strain on engine
  • Increases Safety – Holds glass together during an accident
  • Glare Eliminated – Reflects sunlight, effectively reducing glare
  • Enhances Appearance – Completes the exterior look on any application

McKinney Window Tint

In short, an automobile without window tint is an automobile exposed to vulnerabilities. Car window tint provides safety and security to an automobile and all its passengers. McKinney Window Tint. We know your time is valuable and you don’t have time to sit hours in a lobby while your car is tinted? No problem! North Dallas Dent has you covered. We make it easy to have your windows tinted with our vehicle drop off service. You can drop off your car or truck and we will tint so your free to the other things you need to do.

Car Tinting Shades Available

When you decide to have your windows tinted, the next question is, what level of shade do you prefer?

  • 35% Light Transmission
  • 15% Light Transmission
  • 5% Light Transmission

North Dallas Dent only uses the highest quality tint. Our films are manufacturer guaranteed not to bubble, turn purple, peel, delaminate or become defective in any way. The bottom line is that we make sure all of our customers are extremely happy and you will have the best tint experience ever. Contact North Dallas Dent today and have your automobile’s window tinted. (469)656-1360

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