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Get the Tint Your McKinney Vehicle Deserves!

When you select the vehicle you drive, it becomes an extension of you, often without you realizing it.  It embodies your personality and suits your life expectations, including performance, beauty, and comfort.  You expect the vehicle to be comfortable, but the Texas summer has other ideas in mind.  That is the point you realize you need the better tint than what is factory installed.  The factory installed window tinting is often painted on and provides minimal protection.  The simple addition of a protective film, from the McKinney tint professional North Dallas Dent, can increase your vehicle’s comfort during summer months while protecting your car’s interior.  That is when you get to choose the best, and why not your vehicle deserves it.  3M Crystalline Tint is considered one of the top window films on the market today. Even though it comes with the highest performance features, it’s also more expensive.  North Dallas Dent is McKinney’s 3M crystalline tint specialists.  We are the premier 3M tint installer for McKinney and the surrounding area.  We are focused on making the tint installation process hassle free and as easy as possible for customers.  3M Crystalline Tint McKinney.  It’s really this simple: Contact our McKinney team, schedule an appointment, drop the vehicle off, and we’ll tint the windows. (469)656-1360


The Benefits of 3M Crystalline Tint from the McKinney Professional Installer

The benefits of 3M crystalline tint, in McKinney, is wide ranging and show how 3M crystalline tint is the best in the industry.  The biggest 3M crystalline tinting is its effective blockage of a high percentage of harmful UV rays, which is especially important in McKinney. You and your family can remain safe from harmful rays, which reduces the risk of skin cancer.  3M crystalline tint can reduce the heat in the vehicle significantly, reducing the burden on your vehicle’s air conditioner on the hottest of hot days. Safety is a benefit most do not realize when installing 3M crystalline tint.  The tint can reinforce your window and the risk of shattering glass during an accident, while heavier the tint increases privacy.

3M Crystalline Tint Specifications

To understand if 3M Crystalline Tint is right for your McKinney vehicle, it helps to view the specifications.  A multi-layer optical film, 3M Crystalline merges 200 layers of film into a thickness thinner than a Post-It Note, offering a higher heat rejection as opposed to darker film. Its lightest shade blocks a high-level of infrared light and 34 percent of heat. If you’d like to keep your vehicle’s look the same while keeping the interior cool, 3M Crystalline tint is a great tint film. Its attributes include:

  • SPF of 1,000+
  • Blocks 99.9 % UV Rays
  • Reduces heat – up to 97% infrared light rejection
  • Total solar energy rejected: up to 60
  • Reduces glare
  • Enhances visibility at night
  • No metal and no radio signal interference
  • Film doesn’t discolor
  • Lifetime warranty

McKinney 3M Crystalline Tint

North Dallas Dent uses only the highest quality tint; therefore, 3M crystalline tint is our most requested product. Our films are manufacturer guaranteed not to bubble, turn purple, peel, delaminate or become defective in any way.  The bottom line is that we make sure all of our customers are extremely happy and you will have the best tint experience ever.  McKinney 3M Crystalline Tint.  Contact North Dallas Dent today and have your McKinney 3M crystalline tint installed by the professional tint installers in McKinney.  (469)656-1360

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