Summers, in Allen, are hot and almost unbearable, especially when you go to get in your car or truck after its been sitting in the hot sun unprotected. The interior of your vehicle is like an oven and heat hits you in the face when you open the car door. Whoosh! Window Tint is the solution. There are many different styles and brands of window tint, including metallic, non-metallic, and ceramic. When the choice comes down to visibility inside the vehicle, its metallic versus ceramic. Metallic tints have a dark appearance and minimize visibility inside a car, a ceramic window tint ensures a heat resistance without affecting the visibility, resulting in a much safer vehicle for children and pets. Ceramic window tint in Allen, TX can be a enormous benefit based on the Texas sun by itself! Ceramic Window Tint Allen. North Dallas Dent is the premier choice, in Allen, for the highest quality Ceramic Window tint. Contact North Dallas Dent Today! (469)656-1360

What is Ceramic Window Tint?

Ceramic window tint is non-metallic and uses a double layer nano-ceramic technology that is designed to block a large part of the sun’s heat, saving your car’s interior from increasing to harmful and threatening levels. Ceramic window tint can ward off 99% of UV (Ultraviolet) Rays and also refract infrared radiation out causing quicker cooling of the car’s interior, making it much safer and less prone to breakdowns or other problems caused by overheating. Additionally, it keeps you cooler and more comfortable at the same time, without affecting visibility.

Allen Ceramic Window Tint – Installing Ceramic Window Tint Professionally

If you are in the market or just considering ceramic window tint for your vehicle, then reach out to one our Allen team members at North Dallas Dent. Ceramic window tint is a superior tint product and if the installation is not correctly done, most benefits will not be realized. Correct installation is extremely important to the ability of ceramic window tint to do the job it was designed for. Give us a call today for a free estimate on ceramic window tint in Allen.

Ceramic Tint Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits of ceramic window tent, however, the best way to view this amazing product is coming into our shop.

  • Keeps vehicle cooler and more comfortable
  • Provides more than 99% Ultraviolet (UV) protection
  • Helps protect upholsteries from fading and cracking

Want More Information? The North Dallas Dent Allen team is available and eager to assist in showing you how ceramic window tint will look on your vehicle. (469)656-1360

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