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Allen Auto Window Tinting

When you choose to install window tint in your auto, you will receive the top of the line product that will meet and exceed your expectations. The tint we use is simply a metallized, multi-layer barrier delicately placed on your window producing a barrier between the sun and the interior of your vehicle reducing the effects of harmful UV rays. Allen Auto Window Tinting. The auto tint, once installed, reduces glare, lessens the fading of seats, carpets, and floor mats; and increases the life of all auto interior rubber, wood, vinyl and leather. Auto tint from North Dallas Dent is far superior but the customer service will impress you more.

Reasonably Priced Installation

North Dallas Dent hires only the very best technicians. Allen Auto Window Tinting. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices reasonably priced.

Benefits of Auto Tint:

  • Expert installation
  • UV rays blocked to prevent fading
  • Blocks out heat for comfort
  • Added privacy
  • Keeps glass together when damaged
  • Many shades available
  • Glare reduction for a safer ride
  • Classic look

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